Women Empowerment

Meet Gulnaz Tariq – First female president of the World Union for Wound Healing Societies

In September 2020, history was made. Gulnaz Tariq made history as she became the first woman ever elected to the position of President of the World Union for Wound Healing Societies. She is first Pakistani as well. Ms. Tariq is a Unit Manager for wound care/surgical in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) and resides in Abu Dhabi. She is a Registered Nurse with a Post Graduate Diploma BSc and MSc in Skin Integrity and Dermatology. She trained as a nurse in the armed forces and graduated with HONOURs. She has pursued further international wound care training by joining the International […]

Gender Norms and Transport Financing – A Survey by CSC Empowerment and Inclusion Programme

A Press Note by CSC Empowerment and Inclusion Programme This is a developing story. The survey is still underway. It slowed down due to Covid2019. Pakistan is one of the lowest ranked countries in terms of gender parity. This is especially evident when we focus on the ability of men and women within the same household to move freely. We observe that transport and safety constraints (like sparse public transport and unsafe streets) are heavier burdens on women than on men in Pakistan. In partnership with researchers in political economics at Stanford University, we at CSC Empowerment and Inclusion Programme […]

EVAWG Alliance demands public apology from Tariq Jameel for his misogynistic remarks on television

EVAWG (Ending Violence Against Women and Girls) Alliance, a civil society network dedicated to promoting and protecting women and girls‘ rights in Pakistan, would like to express its shock and disgust, following the televised statement from Tariq Jameel who blatantly attacked, objectified and vilified 47% of the Pakistani population by claiming that women’s lack of modestly was the cause of the Pandemic Covid-19.Such ill-informed and misogynistic narratives directly violate women’s fundamental rights to equality and dignity that are enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. EVAWG alliance is therefore extremely disappointed at the fact that our government could endorse such anindividual […]

Women and Care-giving in Pakistan

By Safeer Ullah Khan Culture plays a very important role in setting gender norms, and unfortunately, culture is heavily tilted against women. As the division of labor is very clear – man is supposed to earn, and woman is supposed to take care of the house. Man earns, so he has the control over finances. Woman takes up the role of the care giver, which is inherently unpaid job, so woman remains dependent on man (on father in her early life, on husband in her middle life, and on son in her later life). In rural areas, she has added […]

Nutrition and Women’s Empowerment

By Nabeela Waheed Good nutrition is not only a concern for the health and development of an individual, but also has major implications for the health and productivity of the entire country. Women’s empowerment has massive implications for nutritional status of children – on their physical and mental development. Investment in women’s human capital in rural communities of developing nations have greater positive implications for nutritional improvements of children as compared to the investments in men’s human capital development. Children are the future human resource of a country, hence it is vital to more effectively invest in and promote the […]