Trans Woman

The Transgender Community, Legal Framework, and Implementation Challenges

This write up was provided by Blue Veins The rights of transgender people have been neglected long in Pakistan. It is only now, through the efforts of Pakistani transgender community and support civil society, that the issues concerning the transgender community in Pakistan have gained attention of the policymakers and duty bearers, which has resulted in some improvement in the policies and legal framework around transgender rights. There have been multiple efforts in Pakistan to guarantee the provision of fundamental rights to the transgender community. To the most extent, both the Supreme Court and the Parliament have focused on granting […]

Trans activist Nayyab Ali wins GALAS International Activist Award

Nayyab Ali was announced as the recipient of the GALAS International Activist Award at a ceremony in Dublin, on Saturday, Feb 8, 2020. The award, presented by the National LGBT Federation (NXF), recognises the contribution of an international LGBT+ activist, from outside of Ireland, who works tirelessly to promote the full equality and inclusion of LGBT+ people in society. Nayyab is a trans woman from Pakistan, an acid attack survivor, trans activist and the founder and chairperson of the All Pakistan Transgender Election Network. She also manages the ‘Khawaja Sira Community Centre’ in Okara, which offers a basic literacy and […]