What’s wrong with Punjab [Child] Marriage Restraint Act 2015

by Syed Miqdad Mehdi The fact that our policy-makers thought about this issue and passed this bill should be appreciated. However, I am surprised that the word ‘child does not appear in the title of the bill. It now reads as the Punjab Marriage Restraint Act 2015. Furthermore, this law is not in accordance with international commitments or the spirit of the UN Convention on the Rights of Children or the rights that are given by the Constitution of Pakistan. The definition that has been given in Section 2(a) of the act, regarding who exactly is a child, is flawed. According to it, […]

Highlights from HRCP Annual Report ‘State of Human Rights in 2016’

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has launched its annual report ‘State of Human Rights in 2016’ in a local hotel in Islamabad today (May 10, 2017). The highlights of the report as provided by HRCP are given below for your information. State of Human Rights in 2016 Highlights Laws and law-making The federal parliament made 51 laws in 2016, more than double the previous year’s output of 20 laws Ordinances promulgated by the president decreased from 12 in 2015 to six in 2016 Provincial legislatures adopted 81 laws in 2016, a significantly low output compared to the 120 laws enacted in […]