Cyber Harassment

Speakers urge for community based solutions for fighting online harassment at the launch event of Muavin

Islamabad, 13 September 2017: Online harassment has the potential of silencing voices of women and marginalized groups online and there is urgent need for solutions that help these users of the internet connect with allies and fight back. This was the sentiment expressed by speakers at the launch of Muavin, an application that seeks to explore community based solution towards online harassment. Muavin has been launched by Islamabad based organization Media Matters for Democracy, MMfD. “Working with women journalists and other users of the internet, we have across the question of harassment and abuse time and time again. With Muavin, […]

DRF Cyber Harassment Helpline launches first 6 monthly report

by Safeer Ullah Khan Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) has released the first six months operations report for the Cyber Harassment Helpline. The report details the data collected by the Helpline team and recommendations on how to improve the institutional response to online harassment. The Cyber Harassment Helpline is Pakistan’s first dedicated helpline addressing issues of online abuse and violence providing a free, safe, gender-sensitive and confidential service, said their press release. The Helpline Support Staff gives legal advice, digital security support and psychological counselling to victims of online harassment. The toll free number [0800-39393] is available to people looking for […]