Senator Krishna Kumari urges youth to embrace Pakistan’s religious and cultural diversity

Jan 15, 2020: Islamabad. Senator Krishna Kumari discussed interfaith relations with university students during a two-day education and training workshop here in Islamabad. Senator Kumari told young students to have faith in themselves and see Pakistan’s religious and cultural diversity as a blessing. She also shared the story of her life’s journey from a disadvantaged village of Sindh to the Senate of Pakistan. According to Senator Kumari, her faith and gender created immense challenges for her as she pursued education as a young girl in a primitive village. She added that despite many societal issues, Pakistan was a promising country […]

Of culture and development

Zishan Ahmad Siddiqi Culture is chiefly described as the way of life a society or a group of particular people espouse. Culture is also referred as a communal life style stemming from particular customs and traditions and that are manifested in varying forms of art. Culture hence manifests a society’s appreciation of ideas and intellectual achievements that help embellish collective behavior. Culture, in nutshell covers a broad range of societal characteristics and forms of art. Development is often termed as consequent state of social change. It brings together elements of growth and expansion of a society becoming socially and economically […]