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Society for Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Pakistan

Society for Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Pakistan (SMSPP) is a unique organization focusing exclusively on Multiple Sclerosis patients in Pakistan. It is a rare disease, and very few people know about it. The society is doing a great job by providing networking and much needed information to the patients scattered all over the country. Here we share three videos of the patients who tell their stories. These can be helpful to the patients and their families who do not know much about this disease, its treatment, and how to take care of such a patient. The last video is of […]

The Juvenile Justice System Act 2018 – An Overview

by Wajahat Ali Malik On May 18 2018, the President of Pakistan approved the Juvenile Justice System Act (JJSA) 2018, which was passed by the Parliament earlier this year. JJSA 2018 overcomes the shortcomings which were present in Juvenile Justice System Ordinance 2000, and provides a much better system for criminal justice and social reintegration for juvenile offenders. The Act defines a child according to the definition of UNCRC as ‘a person who has not attained the age of eighteen years’. JS Act 2018 classifies the criminal offences into following three different categories: 1) Minor, which means an offence for which maximum […]

Adeem Younis suspended in Penny Appeal war

Note from Pak NGOs: Penny Appeal has offices in Pakistan, that is why this news is being shared here. LONDON: One of the biggest British Muslim charities is in a state of civil war after chairman and founder of the charity was suspended unceremoniously following differences with chief executive and others in the charity worth millions of Pounds. Adeem Younis, chairman of Wakefield based Penny Appeal, was suspended while he was in Pakistan touring sites with actress Mehwish Hayat and Dragons’ Den star James Caan. At least two sources said that Aamer Naeem OBE, Chief Executive of Penny Appeal, was […]