Daily Archives: April 13, 2017

Children Advocacy Network- CAN Pakistan

Children Advocacy Network- CAN Pakistan, a Policy & Advocacy component focusing the rights of children, is an initiative of a right based registered Non-Government Organization Search For Justice striving to create a society free from all forms of discrimination, abuse and exploitation. CAN Pakistan is engaged in continuous advocacy & lobbying for enactment of legislation, development of comprehensive strategies, finalization of action plans and effective implementation of all described to end violence against children. Provision of Legal & Psychological Support Services for victims’ of violence, abuse & exploitation with a clear view of ensuring access to Justice and rehabilitation of […]

Child Rights Movement – Pakistan

 In view of exploitative and vulnerable situation of children in Pakistan a group of like-minded NGOs realized that one off projects have not been able to solve the issues of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children. Hence there is a need for joint and collective efforts on part of the civil society. This movement cannot be created without the active participation of all civil society actors coming together on a single platform. It is also important to note that countries where comparative progress has been made to address children’s issues have done it through strong civil society advocacy and […]